About Us

In 1991, Oak Manor Homes was created with the express purpose of changing the home building experience for customers. We wanted to offer a unique building experience, one that builds on strong trust and relationship between builder and owner allowing for extensive customization and resulting in a one of a kind home of uncompromising quality.

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Relationship Focused

Oak Manor Homes is a custom home builder that limits the number of projects undertaken in order to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve. From preliminary planning through to possession we work with you to ensure that your dreams are realized.


Quality craftsmanship and pride of workmanship are key cornerstones of the Oak Manor Homes philosophy. Offering over 30 years of construction experience through 110 projects, we understand all aspects of home building and have developed valued partnerships with trades and suppliers throughout the industry.

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Flexible & Transparent

True customization doesn’t stop at the planning phase. We know how important it is for you to have flexibility throughout construction. We team flexibility with transparency as the budget is an “open book” and all changes are discussed in terms of costs and impact. The match of flexibility and transparency ensures a partnership that achieves unique custom homes that align the clients financial realities with their dreams.